The Times They Are A Changing!

The times are changing and unfortunately not for the better right now.  Cancellations and deferments have become the new normal. In light of the current uncertain situation, the Regional Gathering Committee has decided to reschedule our RG for November 5 to 7, 2021.  We are afraid, considering the sizes of the meeting rooms, that social distancing cannot be maintained.  (How I am coming to hate that phrase.)

We are not the only ones.  The Annual Gathering has been cancelled, as well as many other gatherings around the country and probably the world.

Hopefully, since many of the best scientific minds are at work on cures and vaccines, we will be able to gather next year.  (No, Lysol and light in the body won’t work!)

In the meantime, the excom is looking for other ways for us to get together, possibly using Zoom or some similar platform.  If you have any good ideas, let Joy Gomez-Farrow or another excom member know.

Hope this finds everyone well.

Ellen Bauer

RG committee chair

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