Saturday Nov 4 – Festive Fall Frolic

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Delaware Valley Mensa is a member-run community with around 1,000 active members. DVM is part of Region 2 (The Middle Atlantic Region) of American Mensa.

Mensa is an international society whose only qualification for membership is a score in the top 2 percent of the general population on a standardized intelligence test. The word mensa means “table” in Latin; similarly, mens means “mind” and mensis means “month.” The name “Mensa” is reminiscent of “mind, table, month,” which suggests a monthly meeting of great minds around a table.

Festive Fall Frolic

DVM will be hosting our Mini Regional Gathering (Mini RG) on November 4 in Media, PA. Have a nutty good time with us! Click the button below to register online, or download our flyer.

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August and September

Our calendar has something for everyone. Our calendar has afternoon teas, book clubs, lunches and dinners out. And don’t forget our annual fall picnic!


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All events are open to our members and their guests, unless otherwise listed on the calendar.

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