How to Get Your Friends into Mensa

You are smart, you are in Mensa, after all.  And we would bet that you have smart friends.  Why are they not in Mensa?  It is easy to qualify to join. 

One method is to take some tests.  Depending on the test, they can be timed or untimed.  They can be regular tests, like the ones we used to “enjoy” in school, or tests that are culture fair (i.e., aimed at those who do not speak English as a primary language or are dyslexic or just don’t want the pressure of a timed test). 

A candidate wishing to take the test can do so at one of the testing centers as they are not limited to taking a test at a session administered by our proctors.  Testing centers cost more but may be more convenient for candidates based on time or location.

Please check the website which has detail as to the testing centers, detail on which tests and scores would qualify as prior evidence, and test cost.   It’s very well written, comprehensive but also clear and friendly.  

We are always in need of sites to hold proctored tests:  libraries, conference, or community rooms.  Our proctors are willing to travel to these sites except in inclement weather.  Contact with ideas.

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