Delco Dinner Review

A true Mexican restaurant delight. That’s what HIDALGO Restaurant in Media, PA is. It’s a small, family
run restaurant that actually makes you feel like family, with wonderful personal touches. It is a family
affair – the owners are the waitress/singer and chef—and you couldn’t feel more welcomed here than
at abuelita’s house for dinner! This is not your Taco Bell type of “Mexican food”. HIDALGO is only open
for dinner, the prices are reasonable, and food is just amazing. Each meal is made from scratch and you
can adjust the food accordingly to your taste and requirements. We were talked into guacamole dip and
corn chips (didn’t take much) and they were just scrumptious. The freshly made chips did not break and
were strong enough to pick up the exquisite guacamole dip. The main fish on their menu is huachinango
– red snapper. Four of us ordered that and actually cleaned our plates so well that they really didn’t
even need washing! This dish received a incredible 10 rating from each of us. My husband, Dan, loves
mole poblano but is always disappointed, but he tried it anyway. Spectacular! A 10 for that as well!
The restaurant has no liquor license but do have margaritas made up waiting for you to supply the
tequila. We will do that next time! They have a great array of Mexican sodas.
We were so stuffed we skipped dessert, but even that list looked quite promising.
This had been on our list of restaurants to try in Media and we finally made it in February. We all
decided that we would be back to this restaurant with our family and friends. This is definitely on the
schedule for June-Sept DelCo dinner SIG again.

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