WHYY’s MARCH/APRIL 2020 Radio Drive


by Jim Miller

The WHYY Spring membership drive is coming up in March. WHYY is our local NPR public TV and radio station. In the past, Delaware Valley Mensa and its friends and family have, as a group, manned the phones for a shift. I hope we can get enough interest to do it again in March/April 2020. We would need a group of between ten and twenty volunteers.

The only requirement asked of volunteers is that you be pleasant on the phone and say thank you when someone offers to pledge money. It’s very important you don’t try and talk them out of pledging. These are skills I firmly believe most of us can manage. We could be on TV during the pledge drive, so they ask that we dress appropriately. 

The WHYY offices are located at 150 N. Sixth Street on Independence Mall. There is an autopark under Independence Mall a few blocks away, and the location is easily accessible by several bus routes. 

We hope to get an evening shift during the weekend. I’m hoping for a slot on either Saturday March 28 or Saturday April 4 around 5 PM. Since this is on a first-come basis, I’m hoping to get people signed up early.

If anyone is interested in volunteering for this great cause, please contact me at jimamiller (at) yahoo.com.

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