Lunar Lift-Off Party Review

To celebrate the momentous event from 50 years ago, we gathered to remember, read interesting articles, watch old news footage of the lift-off, and eat lunar appropriate food! Mike Fisher brought Tang to the event, Lori Ratajczak brought Moon Pies and Oreo Moon cookies, Daniel Farrow made hot dogs with dough (little rocket ships), and Carol Zimmel assembled fruit rocket ships. Round babybels resembling the moon completed the lunar food.

It was illuminating to see just how grainy the old footage is and how far technology has come in the intervening years. And it sure was different to see it on a large flat screen in color instead of the small CRT screens from years ago. We all enjoyed reminiscing and instructing the young ones in what we were doing when this momentous occasion occurred. We were expecting a full moon that night, but unfortunately, the clouds hid the moon. That night and the subsequent week were certainly a walk down memory lane!

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