By Joy Gomez-Farrow

On Saturday, June 1, 23 adults and children attended the Franklin Institute’s new exhibit of Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes. Basically, it was a show of the comic books and the heroes’ evolution and movie portrayal. Lots of original comic books and illustrator’s drawings were in evidence as well as larger-than-life-size heroes.

Captain America costume and shield from the exhibit.

While I was growing up, we were not allowed to read comic books, so much of this was new to me. The only thing I know about Marvel heroes is what I’ve seen in the movies, which I must admit are absolutely great! It was instructive to learn about the heroes ’ roots and changes over the years. Most interesting was learning how this genre almost disappeared from existence and how it was brought back, including the various changes in the characters ’ flaws. There could have been more light in the exhibit, as well as larger font print on their descriptions, but overall, it was a lot of fun!

Two varieties of Iron Man costumes from the exhibit.

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