Guidelines for Delaware Valley Mensa Events

Calendar Editor: Jerry Hedden – jdhedden (at)
Program Coordinator: Nance Jarrin – nancyjarrin (at)
LocSec: Joy Gomez-Farrow – locsec (at)

1. All Mensa members are encouraged to promote (i.e., coordinate and/or sponsor) events for the participation and enjoyment of other members. We are, after all, a social organization, so the more socializing, the better.

In that same spirit, Mensa sponsored events are open to all Mensa members.

2. When considering either a new or repeating event, contact the Program Coordinator. She will provide information on any potential conflicts with other events and can offer suggestions for dates and/or locales.

3. When you’re ready to let others know about the event, email the event details to the Calendar Editor and the Program Coordinator. The Calendar Editor is responsible for updating the online calendar on the DVM website, and for providing the event calendar to the editor of the Proteus newsletter.

4. When submitting your event notice, please provide the following information, as available and/or applicable:

Title of event:


Start time:
End time if needed:

Location name:
Street address:
Phone number:

Mensa members only (default)
Mensans, family & friends
Public event (non-Mensa)

Contact or RSVP to:
Note: Must supply at least one of phone or email.

Alternate contact(s)
Deadline for RSVP
Coordination for food dishes to potlucks, etc.

5. If the event is to be held in a private home, the detailed location information (i.e, the street address) WILL be listed in the Proteus as that is available to Mensa members only, but will NOT be shown in the online calendar as that is viewable by the public.

6. The deadline for submitting an event for inclusion in the Proteus is the first of the month prior to the newsletter’s publication. For example, August 1st for the September newsletter.

If the newsletter deadline cannot be met, the event can still be submitted for inclusion in the online calendar.

7. It is understood that the location for some events will not be decided upon until after the Proteus cutoff date. In these cases, the event can be published with the note that the location will be determined later and to contact the event’s promoter for details.

As soon as the event’s location is decided upon, the event’s promoter is responsible for notifying the Calendar Editor of the location so that the online calendar can be updated accordingly.

If an event’s promoter does not supply the location information to the Calendar Editor at least one week in advance of the event, the event will be canceled and so posted in the online calendar. The Calendar Editor will, if possible, attempt to communicate with the event’s promoter to help preclude such eventualities. (Should this become a recurring issue for repeating (e.g., monthly) events, the event may be stricken from the calendar at the direction of the LocSec.)

8. If you are a member of the Delaware Valley Mensa group on Facebook (and you should be!), post the event there as well. The Social Media Coordinator will be able to assist if you are not on Facebook. The event may also be promoted on other media (e.g. Twitter), with the Calendar entry being linked.

9. Should any changes occur regarding the event, the event’s promoter should contact the Calendar Editor as soon as possible so that updates can be made to the online calendar. Such changes include:

a. Cancellation of the event for whatever reason;
b. Changes in the date and/or time of the event;
c. A change in event’s location;
d. Any other updates deemed necessary by the event’s promoter.

10. Any exceptions to the “open to all Mensa members” policy must be approved beforehand by the LocSec. Note that “Gifted Youth” events are designed for our younger members exclusively.