Delaware Valley Mensa ExComm, July 16, 2022
Meeting called to order 10am
Joy Gomez-Farrow, LocSec
Joe Neff, Asst LocSec
Woolly Farrow, Treasurer
Nancy Jarrin, Member at Large (excused)
Dennis Michaels, Member at Large
Carole Rose, Member at Large
Carol Zimmel, Member at Large
Sam Fineman, Proteus Editor

The minutes of June 18 were approved.

LocSec Report:
 Hope everyone is having fun vacations!
 28 th annual Pern Feast was held, 15 attendees, one from Spanish Mensa.


 A meeting has been set up, hoping to meet the last week of July; we need to get the mini-RG on the

Editor / Publisher:
 FY22 52% average of print copies; FY21 54%. FY22 2 issues at 12 pages; remainder at 16; FY21 all
but one at 12 pages. Jun & Jul stats are tracking at 51% of print copies. Sales tax is 6.625%. FY22
average Proteus cost $827; FY23 (2 mths) is $884 and fewer copies than any month FY22. Postage
increase didn’t occur until 7/10/22. Immediate recommendation is to decrease number of pages in
Proteus, or send out every other month.
 Much discussion about online vs. print Proteus.
 ExComm minutes will be summarized for Proteus and we will try to limit the print Proteus to 12 pages.
 Joy will highlight how to get Proteus by email in her column and will include info about rising costs of
printing Proteus (Dennis to include in the welcome emails, too). Goal is to drastically reduce mailed
copies of Proteus.


 Discussion about having in person GMM sometimes
 Joe Haber will speak at the July GMM
 Also, having GMM without a speaker every time, to allow for socialization.


 Switched Vineyard from Renault to Penn’s Wood Winery for August 6 (we have one reservation
so far). The tour is limited to 10 people, but if needed, we could set up a 2 nd tour.
 The Phila downtown luncheon is currently meeting outside (weather permitting!) at various
venues. Contact Alan T. at alan50rcn@gmail.com for exact location.
 Cape May events switched to Sept 24. Zoo, Naval Air Station tour, and late lunch/early dinner at
the Lobster House. Need $100 deposit for NAS tour, approved.
 Joy / Dan are meeting w/Colin Hanna this coming week about the Baldwin Book Barn reception.
He is a member of Radley Run Country Club and is trying to set up a dinner/speaker (Bruce
Mowday) who is author of Lafayette at Brandywine. Event would be in Chester County.

Scholarship report:
 Letters sent to 2 local scholarship winners for proof of enrollment this fall with no response as of yet.
 Joy asked National Office for detailed job description to post into Proteus.
 Carole Rose volunteered to be scholarship chair, approved.

 No new information except as above discussed during Proteus discussion.

 Still matching up DVM zip codes to its specific county.
 Zip codes will be submitted to new NJ Subgroup Coordinator.
 Metrics requested for discussion of free picnic sites: 76% of DVM members live in PA; 213 live in NJ; 5
others as of 06/18/22.
 4 new members in June, 2 in early July, and Dennis sent welcome emails to them. Dennis will include
info about Proteus coming out to them by email.
 170 lapsed members were contacted.
Calendar Editor:
 Nothing new to report; see events list.
Testing Coordinator:
 No new info.

Mini-RG 2022 – First deadline is July 31 at $50. Please sign up! Hospitality Committee met on 6/19.
Rising prices, food selection, overall scheduling discussed. We need an email blast.
Picnic – Date for Ridley Creek State Park picnic is 9/10. Mensa will provide burgers, hot dogs, and
fixings. We’ll also have Jersey corn from Bob.
Upcoming Events Discussion:
 See agenda and/or calendar for full list of upcoming events

 Proteus – Gave copies to Joe to reformat and submit to National Office.
 Schedule Audit Committee for late summer 2022
 Survey update – survey was included in July Proteus; 16 responses so far, and good suggestions for
activities are coming in. We need an email blast with link to go out.

 Propose Mark Cohen as Burlington & Camden County, NJ coordinator – approved
 Change Phoenixville coordinator to Montgomery County – Carole Rose, approved
 Ellen Bauer added as additional Bucks County coordinators, approved
 Joy will send info about coordinator changes to Sam for inclusion in Proteus
 October ExComm scheduled for Saturday, October 15 at 10am.
Reminder: Next ExComm meetings will be August 20, September 17 at 10am on Zoom.
Meeting closed at 11:45 AM.

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